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Trading and Automation solutions

Money is the primary objective of any investment and that's we are here for.

Let trading work for you is our motto.

About Us

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Puneet Tewani is founder of Fox Trading Solutions. He is a trader since 2011 and avid techie. 
He has been into markets from a decade and has worked with top 10 brokers in India.  His aim is to spread algorithmic trading knowledge to masses.

Fox Trading Solutions is a team of people who has expertise in handling large quantum of funds at various propitiatory desk.

The team's experience averages over 10 years and in the process, we have seen all the phases of market.

We are here to spread the knowledge and experience we have gained. Our experience we have penned down in a book named 'Step by Step guide to automation using Zerodha's API'. It covers all the basics required to build a strategy and in the end helps you in building your own strategy.


We have huge expertise in building algorithmic trading strategies. Algorithm Trading strategies are created on mathematical and statistical models that have historically offered higher returns due to their execution capabilities. The algorithms have outpaced benchmarks and mutual funds. If a trader wants to subscribe for tips providers, there is always a huge gap between the stock tips sent by the advisory and the trade executed by the trader.

The belief on which we run is to think, test and deploy. We build automated engines that just need idea as a fuel, supported by a co-located infrastructure for seamless execution.

We are SEBI certified equity derivatives analysts.

Why Us ??

Fox Trading Solutions provides all types of trading solutions not only for working professionals who want part of their income to be managed by others but also for beginners who want to explore the trading world. We, at Fox trading, believe in a holistic approach and we have all professional mediums available to achieve that.

Fox Trading Solutions has devised a few strategies each tailored for different investors. Not everyone has the same investment rationale and so have our strategies been designed. Handpicked strategies with their performance chart and parameters have been listed to analyze and choose on basis of risk tolerance.

About Us

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Our Book


About the Book: This book is all about how to code your strategy in python on Zerodha's API. The book commences with basics of python and goes till coding your own strategy. It serves as step by step guide for your journey in algorithmic trading. This books also contains relevant examples wherever necessary to help in better understanding the topic.

This book walks through the process of developing algorithms on Zerodha's API. With an algorithmic system in place, traders don't have to stare at charts for hours on end. Just double click on your python application and let the API do its work.

No financial or coding knowledge is required to take up this book.

Author: Puneet Tewani is owner of Fox Trading Solutions which specialises in building algorithms and has vast expertise in handling execution. Fox Trading Solutions has delivered over 100+ algorithms on Zerodha's platform and still counting.
Author has worked on various propitiatory desks and managed funds in tune of crores. Fox Trading Solutions believes in think,test, deploy model and our algorithms are always into the markets generating revenue for our clients.



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