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Earning comes before Learning only in dictionary

Thorough understanding of everything we do is a necessity and that's what we are here for.

We are team of professionals who want you to earn consistent income from stock market on your own.

Courses Offered

NO LOSS strategy formation 

  • Build base and deep dive into Option Greeks

  • Learn to choose the perfect strategy from over 1lk+ combinations

  • Live demo and repair strategies for your bleeding portfolio

  • Earn with our no loss secret sauce


Stock Picking using Techno-Fundamental Analysis 

  • Learn to earn rental income from your portfolio

  • Hedge your portfolio against any economic catastrophic/collapses without any cost 

  • Learn to read balance sheets and cash flow statements

  • Compute different ratios to gauge company's financial strength

  • Combine basic Technical with Fundamentals to be doubly sure about your investments

  • Analyse earnings with respect to current economic scenario


Technical Analysis 

  • Trade without any indicator ​using Price Action

  • How to use over 150+ indicators

  • Learn momentum and swing trading strategies 

  • The least talked but the most important : Risk Management and Position Sizing


 Algo trading using amibroker 

  • Building models to test validity of hypothesis

  • Backtesting ideas on previous data using amibroker and python

  • Optimisation and curve fitting of model 

  • Monte Carlo simulation and forward testing of model

  • Automation of trading strategy using amibroker 


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