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Earn big with Prop Firms

What does the prop desk do?

The prop desk manages money to the tune of 100’s of Crores, primarily by deploying hedged strategies. One sits between 50 traders on the prop floor, punching their trades. It's the same feeling you get as shown in the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street" but with the change in time, the trades are placed using co-located automation infrastructure.

Typically a day starts with :

  • Strategy discussion for the current market scenario

  • Sharing trading ideas

  • Planning trades

  • Execution using Prop Algorithms

The planned trades are executed on co-located infrastructure using Prop executions algorithms.

The quantum of funds you handle gives you exposure to the real trading world. These firms demand basic qualifications and let you trade on their funds.

Advantages of working at a Prop desk

  • You get to learn the strategy they deploy

  • You trade on their funds without any risk

  • You access the tools they use in day to day trading which is never known to retail traders

  • Exposure to corpus fund handling

  • Building a reputation in trading and investing world

Why did Fox Trading has a Prop Desk?

Working at a prop desk is advantageous as you are asked to manage a large corpus with no risk involved. It gives you confidence in trading and experimentation, this builds up a track record. The track record is conclusive proof of your efforts and can be used to claim your worth to the trading and investing community.

Automation is in the limelight because it takes over entire non-intellectual repetitive tasks. We also learn automation working at a prop desk.

Fox Trading Solutions (an algorithmic trading platform) provides youngsters an opportunity to shape-up their future and learn the techniques employed by large institutions.

The candidate is provided an opportunity to share a desk with one of our star traders, who would help you in understanding practical aspects and the nitty-gritty involved in trading.

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