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We offer end to end solutions for your trading ideas starting from building a process flowchart , testing your strategy over number of year, finding the best set of parameters for your strategy ,automating it for you and moreover, we do provide marketing solutions like commercially launching your strategy on telegram.

We provide customised solutions keeping in mind your needs and let you choose a mix of services you want o avail.

The services provided by us are as follows:-

  • Backtesting Solutions

  • Optimisation Solutions

  • Automation Solutions in python as well as in amibroker

  • Commercial Launch Solutions

We have a team of quant professionals who

  • understands your ideas thoroughly

  • Create objective draft to find a mechanical approach

  • Built a customised solution for your visually back tested ideas


We do respect efforts put in by you in finding your strategy. Thereby, we would leave it at your discretion to sign Non-Disclosure agreement with us.



The idea remains an idea until we test it on various parameters and in the process we formulate a hypothesis. Hypothesis is rigorously tested using various statistical models and then is either rejected or accepted.


We help you in testing the expectancy of any strategy which in turn tells us robustness. The sample size taken into account spans to approximately 10 years. The robustness check is done using over 40+ statistical metrices,



Optimization is the process of making a trading system more effective by adjusting the variables. The variables could be position size, risk per trade or any parameter ued in technical analysis.

We tweak the parameters to obtain the only the best one.



The final step after analysing the strategy on various parameters is to deploy it live. Amibroker, being one of the most simplest tool to backtest and deploy our strategy remains a priority for beginners,



The final step after analysing the strategy on various parameters is to deploy it live. Python being a robust programming language, helps us in building anything. We just need to put in our logic in form of flowchart and that's it. The code can do wonders by automating our trades throughout the day in a single click in morning.

Let the code do multiple scripts screening in milliseconds and punching the trades even faster than blink of eye.



Share your strategy results in realtime and earn from it



Have many clients, tired of placing same trades across accounts. We are here to help.

Place trade in one account and see it getting replicated on other accounts across brokers.