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Why Invest with us ??

ML Based Strategies

Expect strategies to give you upto

100% returns on annual basis

Risk based Customised Solutions

Customised Solutions tailored for you after analysing your risk taking capablity

Full Control over your capital

We trade from your account giving you full control of your account 

No Touch Solutions

Fully automated executions without any manual intervention

Error Free Execution

Expect no errrors, while any trade is placed

Robust Capital Management

Earn 2 streams of  income from your capital by our capital management 

Advanced Order Management

Fire orders within 1-2 seconds, and reduce slippage on your capital

Past Track Record

All our strategies are rigorously tested over vast amount of data

Proprietory Trading Strategies

Designed by quant experts, with over 8+ years of experience

Our experts have formulated numerous intraday trading strategies with primary aim of generating continuous cash flow at the end of every year. We have our expertise in NIFTY and BANKNIFTY and we only trade their options. We trade intraday thereby, avoiding losses occurring due to unforeseen gaps.

We have backtested all our strategies and hand-picked only the best ones which passes stringent risk matrices. Our automated trading engine will deploy one of ours strategies into your trading account letting you retain control of your account.

Our strategies have given returns varying from 20-100% per annum, but high returns come with high risk.

We respect risk and thus calculate it before returns. Our counsellors will help you in assessing your risk-taking capability based on our proprietary risk matrices.

We have a psychometric test that helps you analyse your risk profile.

To access the psychometric test, please click here.


Welcome to the Next Generation of Trading Bots

After experiencing the trading market and its history, we at Fox Trading Solutions have devised few strategies each tailored for different investors. Not everyone has the same investment rationale and so have our strategies been designed. 


Handpicked strategies with their performance chart and parameters have been listed to analyse and choose on basis of risk tolerance.

The strategies are divided into 2 packs. One for the Retail category, which requires 1.8-2lk as base capital. Another category would be the HNI category, which has a capital requirement from 5lk to 15lk.

For risk analysis, please follow the link

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