Managing money is an art

Proficiently practice no loss options strategies


Get an opportunity to manage fund to the tune of millions 

Learn prop trading techniques from market experts 

What is Proprietary Trading Desk ?

Proprietary Trading Desk comprises of fund managers having responsibility of managing a large quantum of funds which spans to the tune of 100's of millions.

Fox Trading Solutions provides you a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn Proprietary trading techniques from experienced professionals. We make you sit with them during live market hours and learn from them what they do.

This is offered as a live market course with one on one interaction with prop traders.


Eligibility:- Anyone having a basic knowledge of stock market

Course Duration :- 1 month

Batch Size :- 2 people only

Features of this course:-

  • One on one interaction with Prop-Desk Managers

  • Brief understanding of exchange protocols leading to faster execution

  • Learn to manage large quantum of funds

  • Real Money allocation for practice based on performance to the tune of Rs 1 cr.

  • Expert supervision during live market hours

  • Individual attention

  • Practise on softwares used exclusively by prop firms such as Convex Nebula, GreekSoft and many more

  • Learn to read charts based on price action and take trade informed decisions

  • Learn to code and automate your strategies using amibroker, pinescript and python

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