Fox Trading Solutions is serving algorithmic trading products and services to associate/s across the globe


Terms & Conditions


  1.  The associate/s shall be sent a project description (cost and timeline) along with scope of work over email

  2.  The associate/s has to reply on mail giving formal consent by accepting the details so mentioned (on email)

  3.  The associate/s is/are bound to complete the project accepted (assigned), failing to do so shall lead to   withholding of any accrued payments(prior to the uncompleted project/s) to the associate

  4.  The associate is/are expected to be efficient enough to complete the project/s as per the agreement (on or   before the stipulated time),failing to do so shall attract penalty (upto 5% of the project cost or withholding of   accrued payments or both)

  5.  The payments shall be credited to the associates upon completion of the project/s 

  6.  Client servicing (Product/ project demonstration and installation of code on client/s system/machine or any such   technical work) shall be done by the associate/s 

  7.  Associate/s will have to facilitate after sales support to client/s for at least 30 days post project handover to the     client/s

  8.  The associate/s is/are expected to maintain secrecy of client/s and company’s strategy, breach of any kind shall   lead to legal action

  9.  The associate/s is/are expected to not share their personal/contact details to the clients under any   circumstances. The associate shall only communicate with the client via defined medium by the company

  10.  The associate/s should have necessary infrastructure to work along with proper internet connectivity